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Shuk Bites

  • How do I get my tickets once I’ve bought them?

    Shuk Bites tickets are collected at the shuk itself. There’s no need to worry about postal delivery, so it’s possible to enjoy the self-guided tasting tour on the same day that you buy your tickets. Immediately after completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to a web page with instructions, contact information and a map illustrating where to get your tickets.

    Do I need to bring my purchase confirmation in order to pick up my tickets?

    There’s no need. Immediately after you place your order, your details will be sent to our ticket pickup system, so all you need to do is show up to the collection point, identify yourself, and enjoy your tasting experience.


    Aside from the tickets themselves, will I receive any materials with information about Machane Yehuda?

    For sure. The same web page that has instructions on how to get your tickets includes a link to a downloadable, printable, comprehensive guide for the independent shuk visitor. The guide has been produced by the Machne team, specifically in order to enable an optimized Shuk Bites experience and overall visit to Machane Yehuda. The guide also includes a recommended route for an ideal shuk tour, complete with details to pay attention to along the route, anecdotes, entertaining tales from the shuk’s history and more.


    What are the days and hours during which I can enjoy my Shuk Bites ticket?

    We recommend using the Shuk Bites ticket from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM on weekdays, and 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM on Fridays. While the shuk opens a bit earlier and closes a bit later than the hours mentioned above, these are the optimal times for receiving the shopkeepers’ full attention. The fresh produce will already be on the shelves, and the shopkeepers will be delighted to provide you with service, tastings and smiles.

    The shuk is open six days a week, but on Sundays and Mondays, it’s often less crowded and more comfortable for exploring; towards the end of the week, and especially on Fridays, the shuk is bustling, and we recommend that you arrive with patience and time in order to enjoy the full experience.

    Are all of the items available for tasting with the Shuk Bites ticket kosher?

    Yes. It’s all kosher-dairy. The cheese shop does also carry non-kosher cheeses, but in our experience, tour participants who observe kashrut are content to avoid the non-kosher products there and enjoy the kosher cheeses, which can be handled and cut with separate and dedicated utensils.

    Must I complete the tastings in one visit to the shuk?

    No way. We’ve taken into account that many won’t be able to make the rounds all in one go, so we’ve arranged for the ticket to be usable over multiple trips to Machane Yehuda.

    Are the tastings on the tickets for one person, or for a couple?

    They’re for one person.

    Can I buy Shuk Bites tickets as a gift for someone else?


    Of course. Just contact us after you place your order, specifying the name of the gift recipient, or whoever will be picking the ticket up at the shuk. The name that you specify will be the one which appears in our ticket pickup system, and no additional documentation is necessary.